Hello and welcome to Tazmyrtle Designs.


I am Talia and I am the founder and director of Tazmyrtle Designs. I started Tazmyrtle Designs with our birth teddies as a hobby after having an extensive amount of time off work due to an injury. I was one of those people that could never find their name on the personalised items at the newsagency, so from that Tazmyrtle Designs was created and we grew from there, adding a variety of products and high quality brands, I was determined to be able to offer something for everyone so that no one was left out anymore with personalised items.


What started on the kitchen bench and then over took my house, we then moved into a small storefront in 2019 where I quit my fulltime job and Tazmyrtle was no longer a side hustle! Then in 2020, in the middle of Covid, I made the decision to move into a bigger storefront in Cairns at Mount Sheridan Plaza! This came along with the decision to grow from just me and we are now a team of 5! Thank you for stopping by and checking out our range, we love creating special personalised gifts and keepsakes for you.

Talia and the Tazmyrtle Team xx