Munchbox Mega 3 Artwork Tray

Munchbox Mega 3 Artwork Tray

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Need a spare tray for your Mega 3? 

NOTE: The compartments of each tray correspond exactly with the specially patterned silicone lid, which works to lock in moisture and preventing leaks, even between compartments. 

Please ensure that this MAXI 3 tray is ONLY being used with a Maxi 6 or Mega 3 tray or a tray with the 6 compartment silicone split. All new munchboxes have the 6 compartment silicone and trays can be interchanged between all 5 tray designs.

The older munchboxes cannot be interchanged and only a maxi 6 tray can be used in the maxi 6 box ect. If you aren't sure, please feel free to contact us prior to purchasing and we can make sure. 

Please note this is the tray only. 

Font Samples for drinkware, lunchboxes, lunchbags, towels, bags. If you would like a sample or something in particular, please feel free to contact us or leave a note on your order. 


Fonts samples for Jellycats. 
Please see samples in product photos. 

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